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Culinary tourism is an adventure one pursues for a unique & memorable local dining experience of a foreign country, region or place. Heading down to dine in streets of unfamiliar world can be intimidating.


Image from http://ethicalchef.co.uk/blog_post/cardiff-street-food-festival/

Yes, it is a 42.30 minutes video and I hope you will enjoy it.

Source: http://www.youtube.com/mangotesttest

My Thoughts

It is interesting to experience street food around the world but going around without assistance from a local, or with no proper homework done prior to the outing can be challenging.

Regardless how delicious is street food and how fun is the experience, hygiene is always a matter of concern depending on where you are and how the food is handled.

We judge based on what we see and hear, so it is natural to have question on the integrity of the food at the background – whether it is worth trying as we are dining at our own risk?

Discretion is required on a case-by-case basis. It is not all about being a risk taker but rather I prefer to choose my fun & experience. Somethings can be avoided if you are quick to pick up from others.

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  1. Nagyon kösz az írást, jó volt! Én még nem is láttam a filmet, de a rengeteg reakció alapján egyértelmű: új korszak kezdődött. Eztán mindent ehhez fognak viszonyítani.

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