Eat Your Kimchi, a travel & food experience @ Youtube Channel


I had stumbled upon this channel by accident and grow to like the hosts as it is interesting to see how foreigners respond to Korean food since taste is a subjective matter.


This pair, Simon & Martina are really cute and funky, a good mix of drama king & queen with a contemporary flair.




Being perfectly in sync with one another, their union strikes a chemistry to make the show interesting. As they share their discovery of the Korean culture and the food; their raw expressions, gestures and feedback are a hilarious and entertaining insight of their adventure in this unfamiliar world.

Like the saying, “one man’s meat is another man’s poison”, their findings are merely their thoughts and preferences. While the hunger for more Korean stuff continues globally. I cannot deny that food does bring people together as it uncovers the diversity in humanity. It is a window to the world.

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