Farm to Fridge – an Eye Opener


There goes the saying “reality bites” and it hurts – whether we choose to believe or not, it does not matter as a fact is still a fact.


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Do we really care about the food we consume?

Often times, our eyes are shielded from the reality in the name of convenience (as consumer) and profit (for corporations). The methods used to feed the global market in the existing food production system, can be unscrupulous; while we, the receiving ends are clueless on what happen in between the production line.

The video below is a shocking footage of what happened within the four walls of the current food production system.

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My Thoughts

The merciless method of handling the animals shown in those footages bring a chill to my spine and just the thought of it makes me cringe. It is a true horror story unsightly to behold.

One might ask, “hey, it is in the United States, how about our local scene?” As end consumers, we really never know what takes place – perhaps the animals’ handling & slaughtering methods may vary from a country to another. So long as the ugly side goes unpublicize, it stays unknown.

As the video ends with encouraging viewers to be eat less meat or if possible to convert to a vegan lifestyle. I personally find it difficult to follow a strict diet solely on vegetables. It is a struggle to finish a bowl of salad without having any meat complementing it and what more being a vegan!

How about you?

That aside, can you complete the viewing of the entire video in a sitting? Or did you view some of the scenes through the gap of your fingers and holding onto your dear heart, just like I did?

Share your thoughts with us.

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