Kurtos Kalacs from Secret009Kalacs @ Publika


What? Kalacs? Secret? 009?

Just looking at the name, one can’t help but think of James Bond, Secret Agent man 007 ……… so why 009?

Well, I’m as puzzled as anyone can be but this outlet does serve some pretty nice snack.

Kurtos Kalacs is a Hungarian pastry also known as Chimney Cake in America. The name Kurto means “wide pipe length” and Kalacs means “milk-loaf” “ All Kurtos Kalacs pastry businesses keep their recipe secret. There are everywhere in all the Romance Countries of East Europe.

This pastry has been served throughout Hungary as wedding cake, and at festivals, carnivals and fairs. It symbolizes Happiness, Romance, and Eternity.

Our Secret Lovely 009 Kalacs uses totally natural, healthy ingredients, with no artificial or manmade ingredients. The sugar is caramelized on the Kurtos Kalacs surface, creating a sweet, crispy exterior and a soft, smooth interior. Our pastry is developed by our “Big Mama”- Pirosca Nanny- who is originally from Hungary

Source : Secret 009 Kalacs

Here’s one of the staff preparing the kalacs.

And here’s hour kalacs. Our meal was less than RM 12, with some discount if you liked their FB page and show it to them. 15% off. 🙂

Now about the kalacs – it’s pretty much what they described. Pastry (bread like) that’s coated with your choice of ingredient (menu available here)

Our choice of kalacs is called “Legend of Han”, with chopped walnut coating (as per the image above). My preference still goes to the original taste (without any coating) – the “Authentic Secret 009 Kalacs” which I had in my earlier sampling.

The sauce at the background is called “Liliko”, an authentic secret 009 sweet jam made of passion fruit. The jam flavours are subject to availability.

Overall, it’s a tasty sweet bread.

I recommend giving this joint a try. If you like sweet-stuff coated bread with some sauce to dip with, this could be the satisfying snack for you.

It’s located near the Chinese food court at Publika.

Address : UG Lot 26, Block C, Publika No. 1 Jalan Dutamas, Solaris Dutamas, , 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Telephone :019-279 9438
Website :https://www.facebook.com/secret009kalacs


  1. Hello,

    This Friday(6th June) will be 1st year Anniversary of Secret 009 Kalacs.

    we will give 30% Discount on this Day.



  2. Yeah, kurtos kacals was a new one on me too so naturally I had to go find out what that was. Maybe I shouldn’t have! Sounds a little like Baklava on a stick… but not as chewy. And I love me some baklava!I also lovelovelove red grapefruit, so if anybody gives you any grief about pushing the Ruby envelope you just send ’em to see me. I’ll straighten them out.We have one place here in town that could be compared to what you’ve shown us, but it’s stuck waaaay over in the southeast corner of the city. And it’s huge. The state Farmer’s Market has all the locally grown stuff you can stand, but it’s not remotely convenient to much of anywhere. If you head east towards the coast, you’ll see farm stands all along the highway though. These are operated by local farmers who sell part of their crop directly to the public. These too are inconvenient unless you’re going to or from the beach, but I suppose for the locals they provide much the same thing you get from your green grocer.I do envy you having such a selection of bazaars right at your doorstep!

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