Meat Feast @ Brazil Churrasco, Singapore


I was in Singapore for a photography assignment, so we had the chance to dine at this well-known restaurant called Brazil Churrasco.

They’re now top on my list when it comes to “meat restaurant” recommendation, buffet or not. 😀

It’s not any buffet, it’s a MEAT buffet where they serve more than 10 cuts of meat (non-halal, pork is part of what they serve). Of course we tried everything to hour heart’s content. 🙂 And the meat aren’t just poured unto a platter and up for diners to grab. They serve it differently.

The Passadors go around table to table asking whether anyone would like the meat that they have on their hands and slices them accordingly.

To start off, there were appetizers. (those bun-like items on the right were cheese-filled! YUMMY!)

After that, the main course – MEAT MEAT MEAT!

The meat of course, were properly cooked, maintaining the tender texture and their distinct aromatic smell.

Here’s what it looks like with some salad on the sharing the same plate.

A little special this time – we manage to video our experience, starting off with the awesome Salad Bar with tonnes of choices. After that, a brief viewing on how the passadors slice the meat off the skewers for your dining. Lastly, we have the griller to show – thanks to Brazil Churrasco for the opportunity. 😉

Price is at S$45++ per adult for dinner. Sunday brunch S$38++ per adult

My favorite dishes were the Beef Hump, rather fatty but oh the juicy taste of beef.

Then there’s the smoked duck breast, awesome aroma of duck meat with all the juicy and tender texture.

And then there’s the beef short ribs.

More details at

Brazil Churrasco Sixth Avenue
16 Sixth Avenue, Singapore 276476
Tel no : (65) 6463 1923 (restaurant), (65) 6467 8175 (office)
Fax no : (65) 6463 1927

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