Muslim Ramadhan – Juadah Berbuka Puasa


Amazingly, with a blink of an eye, the Muslim Ramadhan is already half way through the month! As locals, we have grew accustom to the annual ritual of Muslims breaking or open the fast with food at dusk (simply called in Malay language “buka puasa” and the meaning of “Juadah” is food, meal, delicacies).

The Muslims in Malaysia will normally have stalls set-up in the evening at certain areas around town to cater the hungry crowds – open areas for Muslims to purchase their food in preparation for the breaking of fast. It is literary the Malay food bazaar which serve “Halal” food only. Places like this also attract non-Muslims.


Image taken from discovered some “Buka Puasa” ideas from other local food blogs via that could give you some food for thought, especially if you’re contemplating breaking fast away from home. Do visit their websites to learn more on Malay cuisine & eateries during this Ramadhan period or follow them at their facebook page to get the latest updates of their activities that may benefit you.



PARAM is short for PAsar + RAMadhan.
Every year, Malaysians, both Muslims and non-Muslims flock PARAMs
during the month of Ramadhan.
PARAM is active in most areas across Malaysia as early as 3pm up to 8pm.

PARAMKL serves two situations for people in the Klang Valley:
– Happening Hock Lei is going to a PARAM and doesn’t know which are the stalls that sells the good stuff,
– Pretty Patimah is craving for ayam percik and wants to know which PARAM in town sells the best of that.

Param KL is a not-for-profit community project to gather information on good food stalls at PAsar RAMadhans.
The project was co-founded in 2010 by arts group RandomAlphabets and its affiliate company Wago Sdn. Bhd.





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Interestingly, we found out a concept that they are promoting – FREE food containers, a “wow” factor for many Malaysians. Apparently this concept has been ongoing annually even few years ago.


Image taken from

They are also giving out magazine.


Image taken from

They surely know how to make their activities fun and interesting. Below is the video to showcase some of their activities.


To our Muslim fans, have fun and “selamat Berbuka Puasa”!

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