Seasoning your wok?


One might wonder what are the criteria in choosing a good wok for Asian style of cooking.

Wonder no further, we have this one covered for you in today’s article.


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Below are some tips for you.

Begin by buying the right wok.

A 12-inch wok is too small for most cooking, says Young; the ingredients in the wok will be too crowded to cook efficiently. A 14-inch wok is the size she prefers. And a wok with one long wooden handle, Young says, is preferable to one with two smaller handles on either side. Why? Because it’s easier to grab and move a wok (especially over high heat) with one long handle than with two little ones.

But carbon-steel woks need to be scrubbed and seasoned before you can cook with them. Recently, Young showed us her technique for seasoning a new carbon-steel wok. It’s a one-time procedure that creates the coveted (and safe) nonstick surface that’s the hallmark of the carbon-steel wok. When you do this, you’re actually removing a coating that the manufacturer uses to protect the wok.

Knowing the types of wok is important too. We have covered this area before. Please click here to view the article.

Is seasoning a wok necessary?

Seasoning a wok will also allow you to impart more flavor on the dish you are cooking. As you cook with the wok, the seasoning absorbs the flavor of the foods you are frying. Over time, it will develop a unique flavor of its own and will impart this flavor onto any new food that you flash-cook in the wok. This unique flavor is known as “wok hei” in Chinese, which literally means “breath of wok.”

Poh’s Kitchen will show us the technique – how to season a wok


Take a look at how Chinese professional chefs season a wok


My Thoughts

In reference to Chinese cooking, I always wonder why dishes prepared by Chinese professional chefs always taste better as the “wok hei” in a dish is enhanced, in comparison to home cook food.

Aside the mastery of cooking skill & techniques of a chef and knowing how to handle the fire, I have been going around hunting for answer to this puzzle and finally I have my answer.

I am still experimenting on what I had discovered. I no longer wash my wok with soap but learning how to maintain it the proper way in order to extend the lifespan of my wok.

How about you? Are you learning too?

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