The Minions from Despicable Me


Today’s article is dedicated to those who had not enough of those Minions from Despicable Me. Here are some Minions entertainment for you.


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The Minions love fruits. 🙂 Looks like that’s how they stay strong, healthy and cheerful.


On the next video, it looks like the Minions are into fast (junk) food as well.


And to end this article – we dedicate the song below to BANANA! (and a bit of POTATO)


Have a great weekend!

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  1. Pfft. Trick or treating? Nah, I’m too aewsomely cool for that. I get to do baby sitting instead. Oh yeah. Bet you wish YOU were cool enough to do that. I sat, watched Black Sheep (The most rubbish horror film, of all time) ate pizza and threw sweets at the trick or treaters that dared disturb my teenager time. I did actually just throw sweets at some of them, but some of them were so adorably dressed, as pixies or wolves, and quite young, so occasionally I settled for throwing it in their pumpkin buckets. I’m very good at that, apparently. I managed to open the door, grab the bowl of sweets, grab a couple sweets in each hand, toss it in the pumpkins and close the door, leaving a rushed ‘HAPPYHALLOWEEN’ behind me, in about two seconds. Once. I lost the knack after that. And it might have been down to the fact that I had run out of chocolates and laughed as they noticed I was handing them mint humbugs and chocolate limes. The looks of disgust and horror on their faces was adorable, and it successfully managed to squash any guilt I’d possessed. One of my friends dressed as a clown, another dressed as a witch, only to go for a walk, my sister went dressed as a scary fairy (which rhymes) and my other friends are still in Germany, being drowned by sparkling water. (Germans love the horrible liquid. Why? I mean, why would you make perfectly good water, fizzy? It’s just a way to get kids to drink more water.)What did you do then? Throw sweets at strangers? Nah, only I do that. Drink herbal tea? Eat Monster munch? I love monster munch. I hope you ate some.

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