Viewing culinary appreciation in a proper light


As foodies, often we run a quick soul search on ourselves as to whether we really know how to appreciate food.

We ask ourselves, where is the proper starting point in culinary appreciation – from the table or the food source itself? Does upbringing and family influence our choices and culinary appreciation?


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Learn the perspective of this renowned chef.

“Growing up in a farm taught me to focus on the authentic flavours of each ingredient that could be found it the garden, from poultry to vegetables. I began to understand the importance of a product’s true flavours. The memories I have from my grandmother’s cooking are essentially smells. So I’m always trying to remember and take the inspiration from those flavours and smells when building upon my cuisine.” (Source: At the Chef’s Table: Alain Ducasse Part 1,

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Our thoughts

His words are of wisdom and it is something for everyone to pick up if you wish to master proper culinary appreciation. It is not an overnight talent but rather many years of gradual process.

As foodies, we are constantly reminding ourselves the responsibility we hold. Being passionate about food is merely a surface, there is more than meets the eye. It is a commitment as we are constantly juggling between our daily lives and passion, while principles are used to guide our steps. No matter how long it takes, we strive to fulfill the responsibility.

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