Chicken McRib at McDonald’s

I decided to have a quick convenient super duper late lunch at McD and stumbled upon this new burger they called McRib. That aroused my curiosity so I decided take the plunge at the risk of my lunch (oh it rhymes!) – after all, if it’s a lousy offering then

Malay Cuisine by Rasa Magazine

Being raised in a culture where Malays are the majority population has greatly influenced to my taste buds. The desire for a quick fix will not go unattended whenever it strikes, as I will make my way to follow the ensuing wonderful aroma of the rich blended flavours of coconut

Hungry for Change

Passion is liken as a ball of fire that engulfs and consumes anyone in order to fulfill its desire. is driven by our passion for food but we try to stay in a balance with constant reality checks, keeping our feet on the ground. There are many ways to

C.I Xpress (大家爱) @ 1 Utama

After spending the evening just killing time strolling around the shopping complex, we decided to take a plunge with this Chinese restaurant that’s been around 1 Utama for quite a while. I have to admit, their Baked Pork Chop Rice shown on the bunting placed at the shop front looked

The Kitchen Musical (2011)

Have you seen this musical? Let’s take a short break and enjoy some musical that will change your mood since it is already mid of the week. Source: