Bear Grylls Special: How To Stay Alive – Survival Tips #1


What will you do if one day you wake up to find out you are ousted out of your comfort zone and into the harsh extreme environment? Are you prepared for it?

Are you willing to eat raw natural food such as crawling insects, animal carcass or even drink your own pee or animal blood for the sake of survival?

That is a tough question to answer when one is in their comfort zone.

Matters worsen when one is not prepared – it blows the mind and leaving it hard to stomach such distasteful reality. When it comes to hygiene, it looks way off the mark too.

What is the probability for anyone having to go through it, one may ask?

Think again. What will you do to survive?

It is a harsh reality check and is surely easier said than done.

Bear Grylls’s adventures are fascinating.



Click here to watch the video on “How to stay alive” involving 4 basic principles – protection, rescue, water and food. This is one of the many videos from Discovery Channel.

While his guides may seem useful, these survival tips are definitely not acquired overnight or by merely watching from the media but it is enough to create an awareness. It may take years to understand the mechanics and requires thorough hands-on experiences.

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