Burger – The Tasty Burger Game


A rather interesting action / puzzle game that involves serving burgers.


No, that awkwardly drawn waitress does not appear in the game.

And so the game is simple. Either you play the Career Mode where you progress day to day and unlock more ingredients, or just play the Time Attack mode to see how many combos you can serve in a limited time.


Besides giving your thumb muscles some exercise, it looks like the game could be a source of idea on how you can customize a burger. 🙂 Doesn’t that remind you of a particular burger lab in town? 😛

The game is actually quite fun to play, especially on Time Attack, just to see how fast and accurate you can stack up the order. To make things more challenging the order is reset upon a single mistake so you have to re-stack the burger content again.

Click here to get the game from Google Play Store

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