C.I Xpress (大家爱) @ 1 Utama


After spending the evening just killing time strolling around the shopping complex, we decided to take a plunge with this Chinese restaurant that’s been around 1 Utama for quite a while.

C.I EXPRESS (大家爱) @ 1 Utama

I have to admit, their Baked Pork Chop Rice shown on the bunting placed at the shop front looked enticing.

The restaurant environment was comfortable, orange themed decor with modern looking furniture around.

C.I EXPRESS (大家爱) @ 1 Utama

Of course Buurps was there not to admire the furnish and fittings, we’re here to dine! And we shall.

The Salted Egg and Honey-glazed BBQ Pork Rice set (RM 14.80) arrived first, and as you can see from the photo below, it’s not surprising.

C.I EXPRESS (大家爱) @ 1 Utama

There is nothing to shout about for this dish. It’s just rare to pair with salted egg. One cannot go wrong with the flavour. It’s a familiar taste.

Looks like an overpriced priced pork rice though.

Then there’s the Baked Hong Kong-style Pork Chop Rice (RM 14.80).

C.I EXPRESS (大家爱) @ 1 Utama

This dish has a good balance of meat, vegetable and rice. Overall I think it’s of better value than the BBQ Pork rice set.

Flowering Red Amarath (RM 5.00), as with the name of the drink itself, a tea that comes with the fragrant goodness of flowers.

C.I EXPRESS (大家爱) @ 1 Utama

Another drink we ordered was the Honey Dates with Barley (RM 5.00)

C.I EXPRESS (大家爱) @ 1 Utama

Those items at the base of the glass are barley.

Quite a big one there.

C.I EXPRESS (大家爱) @ 1 Utama

The image above is a honey date. It is found in most Chinese stores. It is sweet, so usually, there is no need to add any sugar to this drink.

The bill came to nearly RM 50, which is quite a hefty price for some what mediocre food. I feel that money could be better spent elsewhere but nevertheless those who crave HK style cooking could probably appreciate their offerings better.

C.I Xpress
Address : G120, Ground Floor, One Utama Shopping Centre, 1, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya, Bandar Utama, 47300
Tel : 603-7727 9888

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  1. Looks yummy. The price is not too high considering that in many places a simple food for two with a drink each will cost between RM40-50. The set lunch that costs RM28/ for two in this place is actually good (last year ) but not sure it is still available now!

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