Celebrating Being Malaysian #12 – Ais Kacang / ABC


Ais Kacang, also known as ABC (Air Batu Campur, literally translated to Mixed Ice) is a common local favorite dessert.


Yup, Malaysian weather is so hot that we looooooove such icy goodness. Once the night comes, it’s grilled item to the table! After that we’ll go for another round of cold dessert. 😀

Ingredients commonly used for ABC are shaved ice (obviously, LOL) with drizzles of
coconut milk and gula malacca (coconut sugar syrup)


The hidden treasure lies beneath – usually red bean (also known as Azuki bean), chopped cincau (grass jelly), chopped maize, sago dyed in red rose syrup.

Of course that’s not the absolute guide to ABC. Taste varies from stall to stall, just as how ice cream varies from brand to brand. It all depends on the mixture.


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