Chicken McRib at McDonald’s


I decided to have a quick convenient super duper late lunch at McD and stumbled upon this new burger they called McRib.

That aroused my curiosity so I decided take the plunge at the risk of my lunch (oh it rhymes!) – after all, if it’s a lousy offering then there’s goes my glimmer of hope to have a decent lunch.

And so I ordered the set at the bottom.

BEHOLD! The box ………

BEHOLD! The McRib!! Looks ugly, right? That’s because McD has yet to realize that the better way to wrap a burger is to wrap it in such a way that the burger faces top side up (is that how you say it) upon unfolding of the wrapper.

*I’m glad Wendy’s and Carl’s Jr got it right. And I just realize these fast food joints love to use apostrophe as part of their name.

What you see here is the bottom side of the burger. Admittedly when I unwrapped the thing, it’s like a close encounter with a monster. It’s like ZOMGBBQSAUCE how am I going to deal with this mess!?!? It does remind ……. nevermind, let’s be considerate and destroy appetite. 😛

After a little clever maneuvering of my fingers to hold the areas that are not covered in sauce, I managed to flip the burger around, a rather monumental task which I deem similar to flipping a whale around.

How does it taste? The burger reminds me of their BBQ burger hybridized with the McChicken. Now if you look at the image of the box, you’ll see the description of the burger. Yes, the burger is as what it is but the sauce is just BBQ sauce. Nothing special.

If the hybridization description doesn’t help with your imagination, then a more simple way to put it is that the burger’s core is a chicken patty as seen in McChicken, topped with pickles and onions, then smothered with a super duper generous amount of BBQ Sauce. And mind you, this is the first time I ever seen so much sauce on any burger. I think McD should be more generous on the sour cream sauce placed on McChicken instead.

The set comes with their criss-cut fries …..

and coke float.

Now here’s the funny thing about McD – I ordered the set as seen in the below with the normal fries and coke.

I was surprised they gave me a Coke McFloat that is clearly an add-on, so this came at my expense. I didn’t make a fuss over it though BUT I caution all readers – just make sure you get what you ordered. No reason to pay RM 1 extra just because they made a mistake, in my case I’m writing about it so I didn’t mind the float, a float that probably has more ice and ice cream than Coke itself.

Then there’s the fries. I was wondering why weren’t they giving me my fries when I saw quite a few of them already loaded on the fries holder. I asked the lady at the counter and she said it comes with *mumble mumble* fries. I didn’t get it but didn’t pursue further, thinking it could be a different fries.

After a while, she delivered the criss-cut fries to my table – then I realize how LOL the matter was.

McD – if you’re reading this. Please, get your details straight. It’s a huge misrepresentation if your photo shows normal fries while I’m being served another fries that I didn’t particular like. In fact, I didn’t like the criss-cut fries.

Oh pardon me for straying. My meal ended up costing me nearly RM 15. This burger might appeal to you if you like BBQ sauce and criss-cut fries with coke float. To me, I’ll go for some other burger. Now where’s that samurai?

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