DIY Natural & Earth Friendly Personal Care Products


DIY personal care products? Food? What’s the connection? It has nothing to do with food. I am sure one might have these questions at the back of her/his mind while viewing this article.

Yes, in a sense it is true but if you look at it in a different perspective – most of the ingredients used are food related. Not only are these natural ingredients safe for consumption, they contains nourishing compositions that nourishes you externally.

The application is similar to food recipe – getting the right concoction of natural ingredients, mix and match and viola a consumable product is good to go. The only difference is that it is not for your stomach but for your external being.

SoapQueen TV is a YouTube channel where you can pick up useful and creative ideas if you are those who are seeking these sort of projects for personal development. Do subscribe to them if you find their ideas interesting.


Toiletries items, such as perfume, soap, shampoo, lotion can be very personal items. Different individual, especially ladies may have their own preferential liking. There are some fragrances that may be appealing.

Below are some how-to videos that may appeal to some.

If you find yourself too busy to even find time for yourself, then buying from off the shelves will definitely save time and efforts. Sometimes it is all right to pay for a bit for your own convenience and sanity sake.

The how-to videos above serve as teasers. If you find this topic interesting, you may probe further. Otherwise, I do not wish to waste your time. Below are videos on getting to know the basics of soap and essential oil making.

Getting to know the Basics

The Art of Soap Making

For beginners, the videos below are necessary to sit through in order to understand the nitty gritty of soap making and the safety aspect of it as you are about to turn your little work space into a chemistry lab. So it is important to know, okay?

Below is a playlist of 6 videos.

Video 1 – How to Make Cold Process Soap : Lye Safety & Ingredients
Video 2 – How to Make Cold Process Soap: Basic Terms
Video 3 – How to Make Cold Process Soap: Using Fragrances
Video 4 – How to Make Cold Process Soap: Using Colorants
Video 5 – How to do the Peacock Swirl in Cold Process Soap
Video 6 – Learn to Make Sunshine Soap with Orange and Calendula

Click here to use the Lye Calculator

Next, as below is another playlist of the 5 videos which serve as additional information.

Video 1 – Soap Queen TV Episode 1: Fragrance and Essential oils
Video 2 – Soap Queen TV Episode 2: Herbs and Colorants
Video 3 – Soap Queen TV Episode 7: How to prevent Morphing & Fading
Video 4 – Soap Queen TV Episode 12: Basic Layers
Video 5 – Soap Queen TV Episode 11: Packaging

DIY own Essential Oil

Source: Czolba

If you get your basics right, you can go further than this by experimenting using other natural ingredients or final product designs. If things work out well, you could even provide quality personal care products that will benefit your local community.

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