Marshall’s Burger in Penang

Visiting Penang doesn’t mean one must only aim for the local food. 🙂 For our recent trip, we decided to check out the burgers they have. Marshall’s is probably the key burger joint in Penang, based on what I observe. And what’s great about them is that they have 2

Pizzario Burger @ Wendy’s

Ehhh? Seriously? Pizza or burger? Oddly enough, I thought Burger Rendang Ayam would’ve been a better candidate for a new burger that’s introduced just before Malaysia Day. I don’t suppose the ‘RIO’ in ‘PIZZARIO’ was coined in reference to ‘MARIO’. * gamer joke. 😛 *

Jamie Oliver’s 20-Minute Meals on Android

Gone are the days where the cook books spread across the table, just for the budding chef to refer to the steps listed. We now have apps, and unlike printed media that ruins upon contact with liquid, our mobile device are quite resilient when it comes to close contact with