Dave’s Deli – Everyday 30% Off Promotion


One of my haunt when it comes to lunch is at Dave’s Deli, simply because they have this 30% Off promotion from 12pm to 3pm – EVERYDAY! Sounds too good to be true, right?Dave's Deli - Everday 30% Off Promotion

Well, the article sort of ends here but I’d like to share a bit more about the restaurant, so if you don’t mind – please read the rest of the story? 😛

Dave's Deli - Everday 30% Off Promotion

I remember how my family stumbled upon this place more than a decade ago in Penang, the pies were the first item on the menu that caught our taste. Then later on, there’s the quarter chicken.

The restaurant chain seems to have undergone many changes through the years, now they’re just left with a few outlets. Even the pioneer outlets are no longer around, like the one at 1 Stop Midland Park, Penang. There used to be one at Sunway Pyramid too.

For details of their exiting outlet, you may visit their website http://davesdeli.com.my/

I usually go for their Steak & Mushroom pie but there’s a lot more in their menu.

Try out their Beef Lasagna …

Dave's Deli - Everday 30% Off Promotion

… and also their Chicken Parmigiana.

Dave's Deli - Everday 30% Off Promotion

With 30% off – it makes lunch even more enjoyable, imagine paying RM 14 for an RM 20 item.

As they say – apa lagi lu mau? (what else do you want?)

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