‘Get smart’ pills (Only in Malaysia)



Image taken from http://www.thestar.com.my/News/Nation/2013/08/29/Health-Ministry-to-probe-pillpopping-schools.aspx

W-H-A-T?! Unbelievably shocking! ….. Big surprise

Pardon me for the use of emoticon, no words can describe my expression when I first heard the news.

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The promoters also claim that the “get smart” pills, named Dimensi 108, which are marketed as food supplements, can alter children’s behaviour to make them more obedient and hard-working as well as resistant to illnesses.

Concerned parents from a school in Kuala Lumpur contacted The Star when the tablets were distributed to Year Six pupils earlier this week, saying their children were being forced to buy the pills.

One parent said she had asked her daughter to return the pills to the class teacher and refused to pay for them.

“When my daughter and a few of her friends returned the pills, the teacher told them not to blame her if they are tak pandai (not clever) in their UPSR (which starts on Sept 9).

This is totally absurd and those are REALLY weird food!

Popping in pills to be SMART? … they’ve got to be kidding? What were they thinking?

The Health Ministry is to investigate claims that schools in several states are encouraging their pupils to take “get smart” pills that are supposed to help them perform well in the coming UPSR.

Totally Unbelievable …. Perhaps we really need to re-look into the understanding of what is education.


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We need to get our foundation right before attempting to run in a race. If we cannot even walk properly, how are we able to run?

It’s a pile of mess, this is sad but true.

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