Italian Pesto Sauce Recipe


Some western recipes are simple and easy to prepare and the Pesto Sauce is one of it. This recipe uses sweet Basil or “English” basil (in our local market terminology) that is known for having wonderful earthy fragrance.

Here is the how-to video.


Additional tips to a good Italian pesto sauce is as below.

During my lesson I quickly began to realize chopping all the ingredients by hand and not blending them is key because this prevents the ingredients from becoming a completely homogenized emulsion or paste.

When you dress a pasta with a pesto that has been hand chopped the miniscule flecks of basil will separate from the olive oil in places, you get definition between ingredients, and bright flavors pop in a way they don’t when they’ve been blended into one.


This pasta dish goes very well with some grilled/pan seared meat and a bowl of salad. Well, the food combination is entirely up to you due to individual preference. You can even mass produce this sauce, freeze in separate bags and serve in separate sessions.

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