Jamie Oliver’s 20-Minute Meals on Android


Gone are the days where the cook books spread across the table, just for the budding chef to refer to the steps listed.

We now have apps, and unlike printed media that ruins upon contact with liquid, our mobile device are quite resilient when it comes to close contact with other elements.


Mobile apps changed our way of life, and that includes how we go about in the kitchen. Jamie Oliver’s 20-Minute Meals app is one such app and let me share to you WHY I love it.

The app is simple to use, and it starts off with a list of types of dishes available. The word ‘Dish’ here doesn’t refer to a particular recipe but a category of similar dish types.


Click on the choice of dish and you’ll be presented the list of dishes of that category.


It’s all NEXT NEXT NEXT BACK BACK BACK. Easy to use, once you selected the dish of choice, it shows you a page with 3 tabs, highlighting the summary, what you need and the steps to be taken.


It’s very straight forward, and even as you scroll through the ingredients under the items that you need, you can add them into a shopping list that is part of the app.


In the “Steps” tab, you’ll see step by step instruction on how to make your way to a masterpiece. Rotate the screen and you’ll also get to view pictures of each step. Now how cool is that?


At the time of this article, the app costs USD 6.61 on Google’s Play Store (direct link to app).


I think it’s well worth it. One thing though, I wish the app shows thumbnails on the list of dishes. I think that helps a lot in decision making, for example – what is a ‘Rigatoni Arrabiata’?

If you’re reading this, Jamie – THUMBNAILS!!! PLEASE!!! Thank you. 😛

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