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Visiting Penang doesn’t mean one must only aim for the local food. 🙂 For our recent trip, we decided to check out the burgers they have.

Marshall’s is probably the key burger joint in Penang, based on what I observe. And what’s great about them is that they have 2 outlets already.

Their first outlet is at Burma Road, in George Town. Their 2nd outlet in which you see in this article, is the one at Bay Avenue that’s located at Queensbay area.

As seen in the picture below, the place isn’t huge. We arrived before 12pm, which happens to be their opening hour but there were quite some crowd in there already. Some of them have already finished their burger too.

The take orders at this counter, situated at the front of the restaurant.

Here’s their menu. They serve beef, pork, fish and chicken burger with varying combination, and you have the option to add more into whatever you’ve ordered.

I ordered The Bull (RM 11.50) and Hawaiian Piggy (RM 13.50).

The Bull is a beef burger with 2 cheddar cheese and 1 bacon.

Hawaiian Piggy on the other hand is a pork burger, with 1 cheddar cheese, 1 ham and a slice of pineapple.

The lady at the counter asked whether I wanted add-ons, so I ordered the french fries but I was overwhelmed later as I collected the fries from the counter – IT WAS HUMONGOUS!!! DO NOT order the fries if you can’t stuff potato well, seriously.

Oh and by the way, it’s more like wedges than fries. 😛

Was the burger good? Oh yes it is. Sure, you guys would probably want me to compare it to MyBurgerLab or something. Fine, I’ll do that.

Firstly, it’s no where near MyBurgerLab BUT that’s not to say it’s not good. In fact I think the burgers were great, the pork and beef patty were nicely cooked and bear in mind that their burgers are a lot cheaper too. It quite reminds me of FatBoys burgers at Publika.

Secondly, I like it that there’s not only 2 outlets but they open from noon to 11pm! 😀 No crazy queue for burgers.

Thirdly, the service was really fast! I ordered at 11:57 and the first photo of the burger was taken at 12:05pm. You read that right, the burger was served in under 10 minutes. This means I collected the burger at around 12:03pm. Takes a while to go from the table right at the front, to the counter at the back, and bring the food back, and arrange it a bit before photography session begins.

Here’s the damage, pretty good I’d say.

Here’s the link to their Facebook Page. If you’re in Penang, please check them out. If you’re dropping by Penang, check them out too!

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