Pizzario Burger @ Wendy’s


Ehhh? Seriously? Pizza or burger? Oddly enough, I thought Burger Rendang Ayam would’ve been a better candidate for a new burger that’s introduced just before Malaysia Day.

Pizzario Burger @ Wendy's

I don’t suppose the ‘RIO’ in ‘PIZZARIO’ was coined in reference to ‘MARIO’. * gamer joke. 😛 *

And so the burger appears, no magic mushrooms or anything. It’s just a Wendy’s single-patty burger with chicken crisps and special Italian sauce.

Pizzario Burger @ Wendy's

From what I tasted, it’s just tomato paste. Meh, what Italian sauce la? LOL. Note, not tomato sauce but tomate paste, a little bit more texture, a bit more sour. It’s definitely not Bolognese sauce.

Pizzario Burger @ Wendy's

The Pizzario set is RM RM 13.50 , comes with fries and drinks. My take – I’ll take their Cheesburger and Mushroom Melts over this one any day.

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