Evernote Food – Remember The Food You Love


From the makers of Evernote, Evernote Food is ‘note taking’ software just like Evernote BUT with a lot more fancy interface.


Besides taking notes, the software allows you various references, for example you can reference and bookmark recipes.


Unlike Evernote, the interface is a lot more complicated.

For each entry, you get take note of the details of the restaurant, and even add pictures of food and enter text regarding the details of the food.


As you can see in the image above, there’s a map there too. It will show up if GPS is enabled on your device.

The Evernote Food software comes with a camera built in but it’s a really lousy camera. It only attempts to focus upon pressing the capture button.


Fortunately, you could just snap a photo with your favorite camera app and attach it to the note later.

Under the “My Restaurants” tab, the app is also able to tell you what other eateries are within the vicinity.

This feature is powered by Foursquare.


As for the details of the eateries, it’s subjected to what other users input before.


The Evernote Food app syncs to your Evernote app, so the notes you took will appear on your Evernote.

I think this is annoying as I’d prefer to keep the food stuff on the Food app.

Overall, I think it’s a very polished app and it’s a great app to use if you like the idea of keeping track of all the good ‘makan’ places you’ve been.

The Evernote reviewed here is the Android version, available from Google Play

The iOS version is available at iTunes but requires iOS 6. 🙁 Bummer that I can’t use it on my iPad.

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