Flower Cake Making Class by Bloom the Floral Shop


We were invited by Bloom The Floral Shop to participate in a Flower Cake Making Class over the weekend, we thought it’d be great to join as to get to know what beauty can be created with nature’s offerings.


It was an interesting experience. We took turns in doing our part to form the final product, and we couldn’t have done it without the expert guidance from the people at Bloom, especially Ms Mei Yee.


And with much newbie effort we put in – this was the final result. 😀 And we get to bring it home too!


Overall it’s a great experience. Besides writing about food, I’m sure you’ve noticed how our direction now also includes articles that encourage nature appreciation.

The reason we covered this event is because this ‘flower cake’ is a beautiful decorative piece, suitable for dining occasions. Put it simple, bringing in a piece of nature into our dining environment.

If you’re interested in joining such session, you may contact Bloom. More details about them below…..

Bloom the Floral Shop

Bloom the Floral Shop is a very well known florist based in Kuala Lumpur. They also an online florist, running the website www.bloom2u.com.

Regardless of online or offline, they cater for flower arrangements, flower delivery, birthday flowers and so on. For more details, you may visit their website in the link above.

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