Homemade Cleaning Solutions


Cleaning solutions and food do not go well together, right? I’m sure many are wondering why highlighting it in Buurps.com for such unrelated topic.

Well, if you scrutinize the ingredients of cleaning solutions carefully, you will be surprise that some of the ingredients used are food related. So therefore it is a matter of perspective anyway.

Beside that, there is always a routine of cleaning the kitchen after cooking a meal. This topic will come in handy for those who love DIYs / go-green enthusiasts / wallet saver conscious.

However in our local scene, our wallet may not be smiling all the way as some ingredients may cost more to DIY, therefore it may not justify the effort.

Anyhow there are ways to go about things if you know how to go about and do it properly. With that I’ll leave the rest to you to hunt for ingredients at a lower cost or find alternatives in your local community.

Always remember to calculate your cost vs effort. I am sure you wouldn’t want to be penny-wise, pound-foolish in your decision-making, right? Say “yes” to wallet saver tips. 😉

Here is a link to similar recipes of homemade cleaning solutions.

Have fun experimenting what you have just learned! 🙂

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