Lunch Combo at Chili’s


And so I decided to have Chili’s for lunch last week and thought the lunch set looks promising for a little cost-cutting exercise.


Unfortunately it didn’t do much in cost cutting for me.

Here’s the photo of the Monterey Chicken set that I ordered.


Unlike the usual set, their lunch portion is significantly smaller when it comes to the slab of chicken but they mashed potatoes on the other hand was of a significantly greater portion.

And unlike the usual Monterey Chicken, it seems that Chilis think that fresh vegetable (eg broccoli) is not fit to be part of the lunch set so there goes my balance. On the plus side, they provide soup of which I ordered beef rib soup.


This soup is fantastic, there’s no question about how delicious a beef rib soup can get with this BUT it comes with quite a small bowl.

Overall my set lunch with soda drink comes to almost RM 35.

Have you had your share of Chili’s Lunch Combo? Tell us your experience.

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