Shikiya Fusion Food @ Low Yat Plaza


Remember the restaurant I mentioned in my HungryGoWhere Malaysia app review?

Shikiya Fusion Food @ Low Yat Plaza

Well, this is the place. I saw the restaurant on the list and it’s unrated, and the place seems to be having quite a good crowd so I thought I’d try my luck.

And so I did, spent quite a bit of time looking through the menu and I finally decided to go for a Katsu Don. My logic is that a dish as such would be a really good way to see how good is the cooking.

After I placed my order, I took my seat at the far end of the restaurant. The cashier told me that I need not pay yet, just pay after I’m done with my meal.

Shikiya Fusion Food @ Low Yat Plaza

One of the attraction of this place, I believe, is the refillable drink. The dishes aren’t cheap though, some sets could go near RM 30.

Shikiya Fusion Food @ Low Yat Plaza

Speaking of which, this is a restaurant serving fusion food – Japanese, Thai and Indonesian, of which I went for the Japanese food path.

And so my food arrived after some 10 minutes – I must say that it’s a sorry excuse for a Katsu-don.

Shikiya Fusion Food @ Low Yat Plaza

The portion was good but taste wise it was just edible, it wasn’t bad but neither can’t I say it’s good. Perhaps slightly below average. The chicken isn’t the chicken as you would have seen if you ordered Katsu-don at restaurants like Rakuzen or Sushi-Tei.

Nope, no where close. It’s just some flattend and fried piece of chiken meat. As you can see, it’s topped with some mayonnaise. The rice was just plain white rice but I gotta hand it to them to provide a good amount of vegetables, although not exactly tasty ones.

Overall the food lacks taste. I left the place with my hunger satisfied and thirst quenched but I wasn’t enjoying it.

Looking at how the place is, I got a feeling Japanese food isn’t their strong point. I might still give it a shot at their Indonesian and Thai dishes just to confirm their quality but as of now.

The restaurant’s opening hours is that of Low Yat Plaza. 10am to 10pm, daily.

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