Suggestions on Where to Dine with HungryGoWhere Malaysia


Sometimes we’re just spoiled for choices, not knowing where to eat. Apps like HungryGoWhere could be helpful when one’s brain just doesn’t seem to be moving, or more like going around in circles.

The one I installed was the HungryGoWhere app for Malaysia.


For first time users, fret not as the app gives a step by step guide on how to use. What they didn’t tell you is to swipe left to proceed to the next tutorial. 😛


Once you’re done, it’s all easy. I had to enable GPS in order for the app to know my location. By knowing the location, the app can now recommend you or show places that are near you.


As you can see, some places are with rating and some are without. Choosing your next dining place is entirely up to your discretion. 4 star rated that’s packed with people? Unrated that’s decently packed with people? Unrated and empty?


In the end I went for an unrated place that seems to have quite some crowd. 🙂 That place? Come back tomorrow to find out!

Overall, I think this is a great app to have in your device as it lists many places, so it’s possible for you to come by places that you didn’t know existed or places that you saw before but had forgotten about.

The downside of such application is restaurants come and go, so some places seen in the list may not be there at all. I had such experience with my first restaurant of choice, that restaurant is the one in the screenshot above.

The HungryGoWhere (Malaysia) app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

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