Texas Chicken Malaysia


You’ve probably seen this bright yellow and blue signage at a number of places in Klang Valley.


I decided to give see how good it is as the place seems to be quite packed with people (Sunway Pyramid outlet) regardless whether it’s on a weekday or weekend.

To there I was, looking at the menu above. The outlet had only 2 counters open, the queue was short as it was around 5pm that time, nevertheless the crowd was still good. I can’t image if it was dinner time.


I ordered a 2-piece chicken set, and a burger. My damage comes to around RM 15.


The verdict? It’s A POPEYE!!!

Ok well I can’t tell them apart when I was diving into the chicken, they taste very much alike. Even the presentation is very similar. Just a slightly different biscuit, and the chicken from Popeye seems to have a thicker (note : more powder) crust.

Just as Popeye, the chicken served is good and far less oily than KFC.


The burger was good but nothing special. It’s what a McChicken should be! There’s a good amount of vegetable and sour cream in there.

The soft drinks are refillable – that’s the advantage they have over Popeye.

For more details about Texas Chicken, you may visit their website.

INFORMATION : The franchise is known as Church’s Chicken in the United States of America. 😛

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