BBQ Chicken from Korea @ KL Festival City Mall

The BBQ Chicken franchise hails from Korea, and it is said to be Koreaโ€™s No. 1 Chicken Restaurant. The name “BBQ Chicken” leaves nothing to the imagination, one would’ve easily concluded that they specializing in barbecue chicken from the name alone, or so I thought. Even as I browse the

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Project Cupcake @ Craftsy

Cupcakes are cute little cakes, and as Wiki says “designed to serve one person“. Lying attractively at the cake counter, it comes with a variety of designs that will surely lure you to say “can I have this one, please?”. At times, it looks so cute and dainty that you

Absolute Thai Garden @ The Gardens, Mid Valley

At the 3rd floor of The Gardens lies this Absolute Thai outlet that’s part of the Absolute Thai franchise. In the restaurant, a modern decor that doesn’t exactly project the “Thai” image. ๐Ÿ˜› You could change it to Robbie’s Diner and it’ll still be as cosy as it is.

Easy Korean Cooking @ KBS World TV

KBS World is one of my favourite TV channel, I love them for their documentary show and those fun-and-exhilarating reality shows. Their art of narration is simply interesting, leaving me intrigued and wanting for more. You can view some shows in their official Youtube channel too. Anyway ladies, here are