Japanese Lunch at Senjyu Restaurant


Tucked in a rather obscure corner at E-Curve is Senjyu, one of only 2 outlets in Malaysia so far.

Japanese Lunch at Senjyu Restaurant

The restaurant is quite dimly lit, with nice wooden decor of Japanese theme, with walls painted in dark grey that lends to the cozy atmosphere.

Japanese Lunch at Senjyu Restaurant

The first item on our list of order was the Beef Teriyaki Ramen (RM 18) that is part of their Winter Rhapsody menu that’s specially dedicated to the winter season. Japanese Lunch at Senjyu Restaurant

The dish is made of Japanese buckwheat noodles, with beef slices and teriyaki sauce, and an assortment of vegetables.

The next 2 items on our order list were from the Executive Set Lunch menu.

The first one is the Toriyaki Cheese Jyu, grilled boneless chicken leg with creamy cheese sauce served on rice.

Japanese Lunch at Senjyu Restaurant

Let’s just say that the item served, though tastes good, does not come as what it’s named. There was no creamy cheese sauce but just sliced cheddar cheese melted on top of the grilled chicken, see the difference?

The other dish is the Red Dragon Maki, Japanese roll with tiger prawn, sweet beancurd and flying fish roe.

Japanese Lunch at Senjyu Restaurant

Now this one’s really good, not the usual hand roll with packed rice.

Both Executive Lunch Set comes at RM 25, and you get to choose 3 side dishes out of 5 available options – Chawanmushi, Teriyaki Tofu, Miso Soup, Senjyu Salad and Garden Salad.

Needless to say, we ordered all. Nothing bad to say about the side dishes. 😉

In addition to what we’ve ordered so far, there’s also the Soft Shell Crab Karaage which is deep fried soft shell crab (RM 20).

Japanese Lunch at Senjyu Restaurant

Decent tasting but I’d say it’s rather disappointing. I’ve had much better fried soft shell crabs at various Japanese restaurants, even those found at buffet spread tastes better. This is the one dish I don’t recommend.

Our meal ends with Pineapple Sorbet (RM 14.00), a delightful dessert that’s both sweet and sour yet cooling.

Japanese Lunch at Senjyu Restaurant

Our meal ends at a whopping RM 122.95 but it’s not surprising, considered what we ordered.

Please visit Senjyu’s website for more details about the franchise. Their other outlet is located at Bangsar Village II.


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