Pie Harbour @ Gurney Paragon Mall, Penang


I was just having a stroll around Gurney Paragon Mall over the weekend and I came by this shop, it caught my attention as it seems to be the only dining place at the upper floors of the mall.


A restaurant that’s looks cozy and comfortable, with minimal crowd too.


They have a range of pie and sandwiches in their menu so I decided to try the pie that they advertised, after all since it’s advertised, it has to be their best-seller. The Steak & Cheese pie costs RM 9.66.


And so this was the pie, served as it is without any form of gravy.


Overall the pie was decent. Good enough but not great, it’s good because it comes with decent chucks of meat and cheese but what it lacks is the flavor like those at Dave’s Deli.


So if you’re at Gurney Paragon and looking for something not too pricey, decent taste and have secluded or quiet area to rest and relax, this is a good place to be at.

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