Portugese Grill Fish BBQ @ Oasis Food Court, Mid Valley Megamall


This is one shop that you wouldn’t know unless someone told you about it, or you just so happen to come by it. I for one, didn’t discover it but it was a friend of mine who told me about a nice Portugese Grill Fish stall in one of the food courts, so I decided to hunt for it.


I actually went around 2 food courts to look for it (yeah, I didn’t use Google prior to that). 😛 Do bear in mind that there are 3 food courts at Mid Valley area alone. Anyway let’s skip my search story and talk about the good bits – the said station is at the Oasis Food Court, it’s situated at the center court (Exhibition center, Toys R US).

All you need is to walk into the food court and you’ll see this stall on your right, usually with quite a crowd gathering around it.


As for their menu, they come with quite a number of combo as seen on the image below. Most of the combos are around RM 8.90, ranging from a combo of fish with prawn, squid, cockles. There’s also a variety of fish, like pomphret, tilapia, stingray and so on. I went for the stringray + prawn combo at RM 8.90, rice included.


While the serving isn’t generous, it makes up for the lack with its superb spicy flavor. And what’s more interesting is the experience at the counter itself.


The kakak remembers who ordered and who hasn’t, and she also remembers who ordered what! The dishes are pre-packed in the kitchen and grilled in the packet, right next to the cashier counter.

Once the packet inflates, the ladies will then bring it over to the counter and cut it open before handing it over to you. 🙂

If you’re looking for a spicy seafood lunch, this is definitely a place that you should try out.

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