Back to Basics: The Essential Kitchen Skills

2013 has been a great learning year for us in as we embarked the journey in exploring the steep learning curve of the culinary world, while acquiring other skills along the way can be seen as ambitious but it is necessary. Why? It’s because appreciating food without knowing the

Food Planner App Review

Planning your meal is a good way to keep healthy, not just your personal health but also the health of your finance too. The Food Planner app seems good for such a purpose, and it’s probably the app with most plain looking interface I’ve ever come across.

Chocolate Tower @ In House Cafe

I went to Pandan Indah area for a meeting recently and the suggested meeting place is a cafe called In House. It wasn’t the right time for a full fledged meal so I thought of having something cooling for the afternoon and the Chocolate Tower above called for my attention.

The Documentary Network: The Money Fix

Someone shared with me once saying, “After a taste of blood, like a vampire one will thirst for more”. *Gulp!* Suddenly I found myself having a cold sweat and my hair spiked abnormally, as I listened intently. That someone I knew was from the sales line and the “blood” here

The Underwater World of Ireland

Seafood anyone? An escape to the wild can be a quick way to relax before the week starts. It’s a Sunday evening after all, what else do you do aside catching up with yourself, family entertainments, last minute shopping or perhaps at the gym downsizing those fats in preparation for