Food Planner App Review

Planning your meal is a good way to keep healthy, not just your personal health but also the health of your finance too. The Food Planner app seems good for such a purpose, and it’s probably the app with most plain looking interface I’ve ever come across.

Chocolate Tower @ In House Cafe

I went to Pandan Indah area for a meeting recently and the suggested meeting place is a cafe called In House. It wasn’t the right time for a full fledged meal so I thought of having something cooling for the afternoon and the Chocolate Tower above called for my attention.

Culinary Inspirations at Big Bad Wolf Book Sale

Books, ever a great source of inspiration for the budding chef and food photographer like myself but more often than not, they cost a bomb at bookstores. Sure, there’s always the digital form of recipe and all but there’s something about books that the digital medium can’t replace, the feeling