Allthecooks Recipes App Review


As I browse Google’s choice of Best Apps of 2013, it seems that Allthecooks Recipes is one that’s a candidate for a review.


It’s no wonder the app was awarded – it’s simple and all the information is thrown right at you. That’s correct, no “press this to do that, swipe here to do this”.

It’s easy, and at the top is a slideshow introducing recipes and contributors.


Upon clicking on the recipe, you’ll see a whole scrollable page like this. No tabs to hop around, while I do like having tabs, I think this single page presentation has its merits.


Lastly, the app allows you create an account and contribute to the collection.


🙂 Technology is such that recipes that were once only available in books, and how we used to smuggle a notepad into book stores just to take a few pointers, are now a thing of the past. Recipes are so widely available, as long as someone’s willing to share and there’s a platform to do so.

The app is available for both Android and iOS.


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