Char Koay Teow (CKT) at Penang One


I went for my CKT Fix today and was sorely disappointed the stall wasn’t open, so in my CKT-ish rage I made my way to Penang One at Kota Damansara, a nearby place with a possibility of getting a fix.


Why Penang One?

Well, I heard that a certain restaurant opened at Kota Damansara serving Penang food with ingredients shipped from Penang. I thought I’d give it a try.

I reached there a little almost 2pm and the crowd was decent. So I proceeded to order.


For drinks I ordered the Iced Penang Milk Tea for RM 3.80 and it was surprisingly good. I have no qualms about this drink.


For the Char Koay Teow – I ordered the one with duck egg for RM 10.90. 🙁 That’s nearly double the price of my regular duck egg CKT.


The verdict – below average. The Duck Egg CKT at Hutong Lot 10 was almost the same price but tasted far better. My regular shop serves CKT that tastes as good (if not, better) as the Lot 10 one at around half the price.

I gotta hand it to them for the fresh prawns but that aside, the meal wasn’t memorable. I would’ve been more forgiving if it was priced at RM 6 or so but even if was at RM 6, I don’t think the taste and smell warrants a second serving.

Below is the quote from their website ……

Penang One specially selected legendary famous street food, each is professionally cook by their original masters and transported directly for your savour.

Now if what I read was exactly their operations then I’m sorely disappointed. Cooked by their original and transported directly, it’s no wonder the CKT felt like one that was taken-away and re-heated later. That explains why I don’t feel the “wok hei”, there’s just a tremendous lacking of the passion that comes with a well prepared Char Koay Teow.

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