Culinary Inspirations at Big Bad Wolf Book Sale


Books, ever a great source of inspiration for the budding chef and food photographer like myself but more often than not, they cost a bomb at bookstores.


Sure, there’s always the digital form of recipe and all but there’s something about books that the digital medium can’t replace, the feeling of flipping through pages.

With the Big Bad Wolf sale, Buurps took the opportunity to scour the floor for books as such and we were certainly not disappointed, and we got quite some haul too.

The BBW sale has a huge range of food related books of which they labelled as “cookery”, most of then are recipe books covering quite many cuisines. I am just disappointed I can’t find any book for burger making. 😛


There are also various food and health related books not within the cookery section.

For first timers, my advice is that you wear good shoes and bring a few large bags. Good shoes are essential for exploration and payment, your legs will be put to the test.

If budget is your concern then you can choose to leave your credit cards at home but bear in mind that such drastic cost control measures may lead to slight insanity for losing out on some good stuff on site.


The sale is 24/7 so you can drop by at 4am if your nocturnal nature kicks in but bear in mind that you won’t be the only nocturnal being at the site.

A silver bullet will not be necessary as there will be no werewolves around.

For those of you coming during the day, I wish you the best of luck and endurance as you feel the wrath of the horrendous traffic at Balakong area, not to forget also the snail-paced queue to enter and exit the parking area.

Anyway, here’s our “food & health” related haul from our visit. 😀 Reading materials that even Makise Kurisu (that little girl there) is excited over despite her lack of expression.


Do you intend to visit BBW Book Sale?

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