Food Planner App Review


Planning your meal is a good way to keep healthy, not just your personal health but also the health of your finance too.


The Food Planner app seems good for such a purpose, and it’s probably the app with most plain looking interface I’ve ever come across.


I think there’s not much to explain about the app, the first image alone shows you pretty much what you can do with it.

The app doesn’t come with any ingredient nor recipe so you’ll have to add yours, just as how I did mine.


The interface to edit is rather unfriendly I would say – I’ve no idea what the ## signs are for, to only later observe that it’s to indicate a SPACE. There’s also no actual UNIT for you to choose (eg gram, kilogram, liter, ounce, tea spoon, whatever …..). In my case I wrote it as ‘gm’, well it should’ve been ‘g’ but my brain wasn’t working too well at the time of the experiment. Pardon me.


You could plan your shopping by having entering the details of the item, you are also able to add price to it.


The app is free and it has banners running within the app as well (refer to the 2nd image on top). If you’re lacking ideas, the FP Store has a list of plans for you, at a price of course.


This app is available for Android devices, here is the LINK to the Play Store page.


  1. Eating healthy is a constant challenge in my household. With a busy lifestyle, preparation of food and planning is often the biggest hurdle, along with late nights and doing too much. Junk food becomes the default as it’s easier buy in these times, but keeping those sign boards in mind will definitely help me sort out my priorities for the today!

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