Gourmet Menu at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Pavilion


The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Pavilion has recently renovated their outlet located at Lot C3.01.00 Level 3 of Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, transforming it to a cafe that now serves gourmet menu that’s exclusive at this outlet.


Let’s cut to the chase, on with the gourmet menu!

Wild Mushroom Soup – RM 15. A rich and creamy blend of shitake, oyster and button mushroom, and most certainly a good dish to start as an appetizer.


Warm Portobello Mushroom – RM 23. Comfit of Portobello Mushroom, sunflower seeds and herbed cherry tomatoes. This is one dish you have to order to balance your diet, a lovely set of greens and mushroom.


Spring Chicken – RM 26. Oven baked spring chicken served with sweet corn and mixed mesclun, complete with rosemary gravy. This one’s for the carnivore in you, minus the unhealthy stuff like oil and fats.


Seafood Pasta – RM 28. Spaghetti cooed in rich tomato sauce with fresh basil, mussels, squid and ocean prawns. I’m inclined to say that this is for the “Italian fisherman” in you but it doesn’t seem right. 🙂


Lastly, Chicken Basil Aglio Olio – RM 18. It’s Spaghetti lightly tossed in basil sauce and shredded chicken. I know it’s “Aiyoyo” when it comes to pronouncing the Aglio Olio but the food looks good and tastes good.


Overall, the gourmet stuff is certainly a fine addition to their menu, of which I wish they have it in other outlets too.

If you’re heading over to CBTL this season, do check out the Toffee Nut (comes in both Ice Blended and Latte), Red Velvet Hot Cocoa and Double Chocolate Peppermint (also comes in both Ice Blended and Latte). I managed to try the Toffee Nut and the Double Chocolate Peppermint, and my favorite is the Toffee. It was so good that I almost didn’t manage to savor the Double Chocolate Peppermint.


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