Japanese Knives


Since sushi is a popular food, I am sure you have tried making your own. Did you try using your normal kitchen knife to do the job but later to find out the final product looking crude and uninviting?

Hah, I went through this ordeal in my first try of making it. Never have I thought I need a super sharp knife because the cook book did not say so. Who could have thought that it’s necessary as I never face issue with the normal knife for our local dishes. It’s a fair share of my cooking disaster story. There goes the poor guinea pig! 😉

Anyway in the professional culinary world for Japanese cuisine, having a good set of Japanese knives is a prerequisite in mastering the sushi knife skills.

Like the western knives covered in our previous article, it comes in different shapes and sizes for a variety of functions.

Below are just sneak peeks of how Japanese knives are made.

Hat’s off for the skill, time and effort put in. In reality, everything comes with a price tag while affordability is a separate matter altogether as the expression goes, you get what you pay for.

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