Japanese “Melonpan” Recipe


If you’re strolling in AEON‘s bakery store, you’ll most likely to stumble upon our dear bread friend, Melonpan.

Being irresistible in nature, it’s a familiar taste since it is a combination of bread and cookie. Having a slightly golden brown crunchy sugar-cookie shell and tenderly soft, fluffy and lightly-sweetened bread texture at the inside; it’s a no wonder, a “yum” because it’s simply DELICIOUS! 😀


It’s a great friend to those who are famished, suitable for breakfast or tea-breaks and best of all, goes very well with a cup of coffee or tea or maybe a hot chocolate drink.

Meeting the Melonpan

It’s time to get to know a little bit about our friend, the Melonpan and find out how it’s made from scratch. 😉

Below is a modified version with some short cuts.

Have fun with the recipes!

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