The Underwater World of Ireland


Seafood anyone?

An escape to the wild can be a quick way to relax before the week starts. It’s a Sunday evening after all, what else do you do aside catching up with yourself, family entertainments, last minute shopping or perhaps at the gym downsizing those fats in preparation for the coming two solid weeks of heavy weight feasting for this season of festivity? 😀

Here’s a video to enjoy the nature, the underwater world of Ireland.

If you look carefully, the nature is the practical teaching material as it has many facets to learn from. In this case for example, maybe by understanding the ecosystem of the nature, you can learn about the natural factors required to keep your food healthy and fresh, and etc. I’ll not go further into this subject but here’s a basic read about the concept of ecosystem.

I’ll end this article with a little humour. 😉


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