Char Koay Teow (CKT) at Goreng Kuey Teow Tong Shin (同善路一品香炒粿條)


I chanced upon this place that yells CKT really loud at Puchong just last week, so I decided to give it a try; after all – I’m a CKT hunter. 😀

Yes, I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m one who hunts this carbo laden Chinese food and here in KL where good CKT’s aren’t as commonly found, unlike the states up north.

This CKT is supposed to have originated from Tengkat Tong Shin area of which I’ve never heard off.

And I gate their basic CKT a shot at RM 7.50 for the large one, no hint of duck eggs but in my opinion this CKT is superb and I’m definitely heading there again if I’m at that area.

I must clarify that it’s not at the level of the one at Damansara Perdana and Lot 10, better than the one at Damansara Kim and miles ahead of the one at Penang One.

The CKT is nicely stir-fried with good mix of cockles, eggs and whatnots into the usual fray. Taste and texture definitely exceeds the bare minimum of what a decent CKT should be.

The Prawn Mee (RM 7.50, large) is also a nice option if CKT isn’t your stuff, just so you know the shop serves more than just CKT. There’s also Lam Mee, Fried Rice, Fishball Noodle and Meatball Noodle should they fancy you.

The Prawn Mee is of good mixture of ingredients, all things done flavorful making it an ordered dish that’s not a regretful one.

Their Longan drink is pretty good too.

This joint warrants our recommendation for a place worth dining at, check out the shop location at

They open from 9am to 9pm, closed on Tuesday.

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  1. I really prefer their prawn mee & chili,their popiah is simple but tasty.Fried rice and fried bee hun is the best too.Must try…Their longan and barley drink is nice .Char Kuey Teow Prawn is really fresh.and I prefer their fried lap cheong too.

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