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Croissant, do you love them?


It’s a breakfast staple in France where they are often dunked into a cup of café crème or chocolat chauld” (Anonymous, “Croissant Etiquette Tips: How Do You Eat Your Croissant?“, Sobey Better Food for All, September 2012). More surprising it is to know, even etiquette experts have the final words on how it should be eaten.

Have you got your hands on the recipe?

Some says “Croissants are just one of those things where you will never fully appreciate one when you eat it, until you’ve put in the hours making them yourself. They aren’t incredibly difficult but they really are a labour of love! Once you’ve got the method of handling the dough down, you basically just need good time-keeping and patience for successful croissant dough” (Anonymous, “How to make croissants (a step-by-step guide with .gifs)“, Top with Cinnamon, 31 December 2012).

While others says, “Making your own croissants is not difficult; there’s no special equipment or hard-to-find ingredients required. What is necessary is good technique. Once you understand the basics of creating multilayered dough like this, you’re well on your way to wowing your friends with delicious croissants” (Jeffrey Hamelman, “Classic Croissants“, Fine Cooking, 2009).

Below is a video for you to try the recipe.

By the way, do you know how it is pronounce?

Remember not to get muddle up with our local accent. For those who are ignorant, it is no harm learning the proper pronunciation. However, there are a few versions: here is an American version, this on the other hand is closer to the one I have picked up from a friend.

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