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Life is a journey, so as our journey in the culinary world. The intangible nature of its enrichment will withstand the test of time. As the clock counter resets itself, we started the new year with zero at hand, while the accumulated wealth of the past are treasures tucked away in a corner not too far off.

Hence we will begin our story for the year about chicken eggs as I found an interesting site in which contains an invaluable information on learning the defective nature of its kind, from ThePoultrySite.com. It’s a site which contains poultry news, health, welfare, diseases, markets and economics. However the focus of this article is related to an extraction from a book, “Optimum Egg Quality – A Practical Approach“.


“This handbook has drawn together the essential information on egg production and egg quality. It gives valuable information on the optimum nutrition of laying hens and explains the importance of vitamins and minerals for optimizing egg quality.

The book will be a valuable reference for all sectors of the egg industry: industry suppliers, food handling, preparing and processing industries, poultry fanciers, home egg producers, and students and teachers of poultry management”.

How is it helpful to you?

As consumers, you can use it as a reference in getting to know the quality of eggs you’re purchasing from your usual grocery provider, as the site covers areas such as the nature of egg shell defects and internal defects.

Choosing the right food provider is important as it will affect the quality of your life. We hope the information will be of great help to you – in identifying on which egg suppliers provide better quality eggs for your consumption.

Buurps.com appreciates the passion, generosity and contribution of others in the world of culinary. Therefore we wish to emphasize that many of the contents seen in our articles are sourced from the world wide web for the purpose of creating awareness only. Kudos to those who put so much effort to produce such wonderful contents. Thank you.

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