Mindset in Trying Out Unfamiliar Food – Every Little Bit Helps


Travelling or living in a foreign land can be one hell of an adventure. Threading on unfamiliar territories and seeing unfamiliar food consumed by the locals are raw encounters in which either an adrenaline rush or a great scare.

Hygiene aside, it’s a choice you’ve to make “right there, right now” – either you confront it to face up with the consequences or be regretful/glad for not doing it. Inevitably, choices and consequences will lead to lessons for learning.

The question is, how should be your response? The guy in the video below, conveyed it well.

A response is determined by the sets of mindset one holds. The video that you’ve just watched is a simple plot but his story about his culinary adventure in Korea shed light on what should be a proper mindset when dealing with unfamiliarity.

However, if ever you’re feeling uncomfortable, then just follow your gut feel. It’s no forcing because it’s not a race, seek at your own pace.

What do you think? Do you agree?

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