Space Food for Astronauts – Around the World

There are many fascinating ideas and concepts related to culinary world from all over the place that is worth knowing. We’ll begin our exploration on space food in today’s article. Space food is a variety of food products, specially created and processed for consumption by astronauts in outer space. The

Big Fry Belly @ Burgertory

And so they say it’s their tallest burger on Facebook, and I’ve seen this burger appeared countless times on their Facebook sponsored posts. 😛 (yes guys, it’s effective!) Since I was at SS15 today, I thought of giving it a try. Oh by the way, it’s my first time at

Office Snacking Ideas – How To Ideas

Bouncing off to work with an empty stomach is not uncommon, some say they lack appetite in the morning and will go for brunch later. Halfway through the morning however, the belly starts with a familiar tune of a gentle cat ‘meow’ but this gradually turns into a roaring of

Verifying the Purity of Honey – How To Ideas

Surely you may have seen old uncle or aunty clad in shabby clothing squatting by the road side selling non-labelled bottles from light to dark woody colour substances, quite similar to the image of the below or even witnessing a sales person doing a honey product demonstration at a ‘night

Working as a Barista – A Career Perspective

Ever wondered how is like to be a Barista? Is their job merely making coffee, designing latte art, and selling pastry & confectionery? Is it really a simple job that does not require higher education? Let’s begin by getting to know what ‘Barista’ means. A barista (buh-ree-stuh; from the Italian

Dining Stop @ Train Station

Train Station is the name of the restaurant located at the newly opened Ativo Plaza at Bandar Sri Damansara. The name of the restaurant probably sparks curiosity but the restaurant decor itself is in no way related to locomotives. One might expect to see a caboose or a part of

PERFECT Fried Bacon – How To Ideas

Just a thought of crunching the bacon pieces sends “shiokness” to your being as you envision its oil and flavours running down to your palate, with the crispy edges and moist texture blowing your taste buds away. Do you know how it is done? Image from Hint: the usual