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To the Muslim community, we have a story for you; have you heard of this site,


Interestingly, it’s a site that covers “halal” related areas of the culinary world from cooking to eating and finding halal substitute ingredients.

Founded by Yvonne Maffei, a food writer and home chef; she is here to share with you on delicious exchange of cooking tips, lifestyle inspiration and global recipes. Below is a video on a brief introduction of her site.

What are we doing and why? We are constantly juggling to provide a balanced coverage, therefore our reason for highlighting this area of the culinary world is because we see the growth potential of this segment of the consumer market since Muslims comprise of the majority in this country.

We hope, perhaps we are of help by triggering some thoughts for you to ponder, especially for those who can see the potential of this market segment.

So what do you think? appreciates the passion, generosity and contribution of others in the world of culinary. Therefore we wish to emphasize that many of the contents seen in our articles are sourced from the world wide web for the purpose of creating awareness only. Kudos to those who put so much effort to produce such wonderful contents. Thank you.

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