Big Fry Belly @ Burgertory


And so they say it’s their tallest burger on Facebook, and I’ve seen this burger appeared countless times on their Facebook sponsored posts. 😛 (yes guys, it’s effective!)

Big Fry Belly @ Burgertory

Since I was at SS15 today, I thought of giving it a try. Oh by the way, it’s my first time at Burgertory.

Ordering the burger was straight forward, I just head to the counter and spent RM 28 – RM 22 for the burger and RM 6 for the sides, porkey mashed potatoes and refillable drinks that is.

Big Fry Belly @ Burgertory

The place was cozy, though I didn’t like the benches as it’s really unfriendly for most people.

So I sat myself near the wall, a place which I find most strategic for drawing minimal distraction in my attempt to capture the essence of the burger of which I’m about to savor.

It took about 10 – 15 minutes for the burger to be served, and my goodness the burger is as what they advertised! 😀 It’s TALL!

Big Fry Belly @ Burgertory

One thing’s for sure – you can’t big the burger straight off. Logically the point of attack would be on the crispy fried belly, attack I did and I wasn’t disappointed. It was crispy and one after another of the piece will leave you salivating for more, now I only wish they had an option for me to order a bowl of it, yes this sinfully delicious fried belly that also “fried my belly” that I need additional 3 hours of exercise.

Here’s a close-up photo of the goods! Yup, looks delicious isn’t it?

Big Fry Belly @ Burgertory

Once I’m done with the fried belly, it’s off to the burger that seems rather empty now, seeing that it’s just bun and pork patty. It’s still good though, with each bite unleashing and ooze of porky juiciness.

😀 I enjoyed my meal and I’m most certainly to visit Burgertory again.

You may visit their Facebook Page for more details of their location, opening hours and menu.

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